Our Expertise

We work with companies and individuals across a full spectrum of financial services. Our professionals have a deep knowledge and an extensive network. With strategic hindsight, our team helps you achieve your business goals that are in line with complex regulations.

Business Advisory & Transaction Support

According to industry studies, only a small percentage of middle market businesses offered for sale actually end up selling. 

There are a number of reasons for why this happens. Many business owners have unrealistic expectations about their company’s value. Also, most mid-sized businesses rely heavily on their owners. It is also a fact that buyers generally don’t like to buy companies that can’t operate without the existing owners.

FF International assists clients to value their business. 

We also assist clients on: 

  • Business valuation enhancement
  • Asset valuation
  • Tax efficient entity rationalization
  • Transfer pricing issues
  • Advisory on project financing
  • Family business and succession planning
  • Due diligence on target company and target asset 

We also assist business owners for the Application for fiscal and tax incentives and support measures 

  • Microinvest
  • Access to finance
  • Application for industrial land allocation
  • Business engineering and transformations schemes
  • Research grants
  • Family business transfer of ownership schemes
  • Family business grants 
  • Innovation aid for SMEs 
  • Investment aid for energy efficient projects
  • Liaison with Malta Enterprise and Indis Malta 


Managing Director

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