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Malta tax rules can be highly complex. Involving a qualified Malta tax advisor to provide tax advice at the outset is important. Malta tax advice is crucial when setting up or maintaining a Malta structure and all parties involved should fully understand the advice received.

Malta Tax Rules

One of the most common reasons for tax planning to fail is that it was not implemented correctly. The client and the service providers need to ensure that they understand the tax advice received and adhere to the recommendations when running the structure.

How can FF International help?

At our office we have a dedicated Malta tax services team who is experienced in dealing with Malta and cross-border planning.

Our Malta tax services team works alongside a client’s tax advisor to ensure that tax advice is understood by all the tax advisors who are involved in the entire administration and management of the structure and that the Malta tax advice is implemented as planned.

Utilising our tax services will mean you or your client is well placed to deal with changes in tax legislation in the future. Once our Malta tax advisors have provided their advice on establishment of a structure, the advisor may have discharged their duties under the engagement letter.

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Tax Services in Malta

A Malta tax advisor is normally required to follow up in the future if the legislation related to their advice changes: tax advice is issued based on the rules as they stand at that date.

Our Malta tax services team able to review changes in Maltese legislation in conjunction with the structures under management. Where a structure is potentially impacted by a change in legislation, our Malta tax advisors can assist you on how to deal with these changes.

Our office has also assisted hundreds of clients in their Malta tax return preparation. Corporate tax returns are complex and require in depth knowledge of the Maltese tax system.

Our Malta tax return service has assisted different types of companies ranging from small standalone companies to multinational entities which have presence in Malta. Our managing director has been providing personal and corporate tax advice for more than two decades.

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