Our Office

Our strategic location allows us to service the requirements of our clients in a very efficient manner.



The office of Franco Falzon & Associates is situated at

29/14, First Floor, Vincenti Buildings, Strait Street, Valletta, Malta. 

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Valletta’s Strait Street is one of the most famous streets in Malta which was the pinnacle of the nightlife amongst American and British soldiers during the 19th and the mid-20th Century. It also represented a fascinating period of time in Malta’s history one in which people of different nationalities and classes intermingled together in a social context. Apart from housing the some of the most prestigious and well-known professional services firms in Malta, Strait Street has become Malta’s brand name for art, culture and entertainment. Malta’s Ministry of Home Affairs and National Security and the Family Court are also situated in Strait Street.

Our office is a fully fledged corporate office housing all the staff, members and advisors of Franco Falzon & Associates. The office was refurbished from scratch in 2016 and has the capacity to accommodate up to twelve employees. The entire team of Franco Falzon & Associates is presently housed at this office. The office also includes a fully-equipped boardroom which is used to host client meetings and video conferencing. Our strategic location allows to service the requirements of our clients in a very efficient manner.

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